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Isn’t It About Time We Stopped Live Animal Exports Once and For All?

A video from the recent protest in Dover, featuring local Green Councillor Ian Driver and Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett

I join them in being totally opposed to live animal exports.  It’s a completely unnecessary and barbaric practice that leads to great suffering over long journeys for animals that are ultimately to be slaughtered anyway.  If we’re looking to export meat from our farms it should be just that, not live animals.

Bullying Banks and Toothless Ministers

My latest piece on Huffington Post – Also available at I just watched a documentary revealing some of the outrageous behaviour from UK banks in their dealings with small and medium businesses. It’s a cliche I usually try to avoid, but this really does beggar belief, especially from two of the banks the tax […]

My Comments on The Virgin Galactic Disaster on The World Service

Here’s a a link to a programme I was involved in for the World Service a few weeks ago, discussing the aftermath of the crash of the Virgin Galactic space craft in the Mojave Desert.  This crash came in the wake of a similar event with an ESA rocket that crashed shortly after lift off […]