Planned Tory Education Cuts in North Oxfordshire Make For Terrifying Reading

EDUDespite claims to the contrary, the Conservatives will devastate our education system if they’re given another 5 years to do so.

Their dogmatic pursuit of so called savings (otherwise known as cuts) have already put the future of many children in jeopardy.

As with so many of their policies there’s very little left to cut now and faced with the choice of either reducing teaching staff or removing subjects, teachers and head teachers have had to resort to begging letters to parents just to keep some classes viable.

It’s an atrocious situation which, as usual, the Conservatives are in total denial of.  Claiming, as they always do, that they have put ‘record’ levels of funding into education (as they also claim for health and so many other important services).  But the devil is in the detail, with funding per pupil actually falling as class sizes increase.

Regardless of claims to the contrary in their cobbled-together, un-costed manifesto, there are more cuts to come.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, just look at the information available on the schools cuts website

These bare facts come from the people who know what’s happening to our schools.  The teachers at the sharp end of the Conservative agenda.  While these backward looking politicians wax lyrical about the good old grammar school days, our schools are being run into the ground and sold off to private companies to asset strip for a quick buck or two.

This needs to stop now.  Education is too important to be undersold, under-funded, undermined and treated as an optional extra in one of the richest economies in the world.

Read what The Green Party would do about education in government and then read below what you can expect from another 5 years of Tory rule.  The choice seems pretty stark to me.

KEY STATS FOR Banbury 2020

£5,526,507  in total cuts
Average budget cut to schools  = £115,13
Average budget cut per pupil = £346
Total number of teachers lost = 154


Banbury Academy   -£234,985

Bishop Carpenter Church of England Aided Primary School   -£24,837

Bishop Loveday Church of England Primary School     -£119,733

Blessed George Napier Catholic School and Sports College -£261,047

Bloxham Church of England Primary School      -£147,027

Brookside Primary School -£73,999

Bure Park Primary School -£132,153

Chesterton Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School        -£40,971

Christopher Rawlins Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School    -£67,460

Cropredy Church of England Primary School     -£60,654

Dashwood Banbury Academy       -£166,382

Deddington Church of England Primary School             -£73,626

Dr Radcliffe’s Church of England School            -£73,142

Finmere Church of England Primary School       -£21,030

Five Acres Primary School             -£100,258

Fringford Church of England Primary School     -£35,925

Fritwell Church of England Primary School         -£54,028

Glory Farm Primary School            -£94,195

Hanwell Fields Community School           -£433,772

Hardwick Primary School   -£72,049

Harriers Banbury Academy            -£90,134

Hill View Primary School    -£90,094

Hook Norton Church of England Primary School           -£79,293

Hornton Primary School     -£42,305

King’s Meadow Primary School     -£97,312

Langford Village Community School        -£118,724

Launton Church of England Primary School       -£62,507

Longfields Primary and Nursery School -£80,488

North Oxfordshire Academy           -£418,763

Orchard Fields Community School           -£124,646

Queensway School -£58,434

Shenington Church of England Primary School             -£34,053

Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School            -£17,582

Southwold County Primary School           -£126,712

Space Studio Banbury        -£76,148

St Edburg’s Church of England (VA) School      -£13,984

St John’s Catholic Primary School, Banbury      -£50,648

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Banbury -£47,279

St Leonard’s Church of England Primary School           -£107,479

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Bicester       -£57,696

St Mary’s Church of England (VC) Primary School, Banbury -£56,436

The Bicester School            -£317,716

The Cooper School -£471,621

The Grange Community Primary School             -£109,691

The Warriner School           -£385,461

William Morris Primary School      -£83,950

Wroxton Church of England Primary School      -£20,078


North Oxfordshire Green Party Announces Candidate For June’s Snap Election

At their selection meeting on 3rd May the North Oxfordshire Green Party unanimously re-nominated Ian Middleton to contest the Banbury Constituency seat for the second time.

Ian stood for the Greens in Banbury in 2015 when the Green vote was almost tripled against the 2010 result.  The party gained 2686 votes giving them 4.6% of the vote up from 1.7% in 2010.  He is a former musician, writer and ethical entrepreneur who  spent 25 years in the retail sector building a national high street retail business which moved exclusively online in 2015.  He has campaigned in the past for issues as diverse as fair business rates for small businesses to animal rights and now writes on politics, the environment and business for Huffington Post and Retail Week Magazine.  Ian Says :

“I’m honoured to have been chosen to stand in North Oxfordshire again.  I feel I learnt a lot from the last campaign and I’m looking forward to having a second opportunity to put forward the case for a progressive Green future”

“My priorities for this election are the NHS, Education, Housing, the environment and Brexit”

“Theresa May called this election for purely opportunistic reasons.  She claims to offer strength and stability yet throws the country into turmoil just as the clock starts ticking on Brexit negotiations.  Whilst our changed relationship with Europe is one of the most important issues we’ve faced for a generation, we’ve also had 2 years to see what the Conservative Party has done to health, education and housing and it’s not a pretty sight.

The NHS in particular is facing an existential crisis with yet another round of swingeing cuts being imposed by further Conservative in the guise of sustainability.  Already we’ve seen the results with the closure of full maternity services at the Horton and warnings from the Oxfordshire CCG that we stand to lose hundreds of beds across the county.  This may be the last chance to save our wonderful NHS before the Conservatives achieve their ultimate goal of slashing services and privatising what’s left.

Theresa May wants this election to be all about Brexit, I think we should be holding her party to account for it’s appalling record so far.  We have a chance to end their iniquitous and self serving reign now, before it’s too late”


May’s anti-EU outburst was just her latest move in this phoney election campaign

Amidst all this fluff and nonsense, have we heard any actual policies from Mrs May and her compatriots? Not that you’d notice.  Outside of ‘that’ slogan and the belief that the election is somehow going to imbue her with magic Brexit powers, we’ve seen precious little, other than some enigmatic eyebrow raising and her claim that the Tory manifesto will be the answer to everything.

An article I wrote recently for the new media channel Evolve Politics