Support For Older People

There are legitimate questions as to why someone who’s worked and saved their whole life, should have to sell everything to pay for care in their later years.

I’d also spare a thought for the young people of ‘generation rent’ as they watch any inheritance they may have expected to fund a foot on the housing ladder being swallowed up by the care costs of their parents.

Many older people face huge fees to care for themselves or their loved ones. The Green Party believes this is unfair, so we’d ensure that the NHS and care services are fully equipped to deal with our ageing population, with free personal and nursing care for all older people.

With such things as a potential dementia time bomb in the making, care for the elderly should concern us all, not just for ourselves, but for the generations that come after us.

The Green Party would provide everyone with a non-means tested citizens pension. This would be paid to all pensioners regardless of contribution record, so no pensioner will live in poverty.

We would also provide free social care for all into their older age which would be incorporated into the NHS


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