Industry and Farming

We have lost most of our manufacturing industry, initiated mostly by Thatcher in her ideological imperative to break trade unions and to rely on cheap imported goods produced by near slave labour in under developed countries. Our balance of payments, although negative, are shored up by the Financial Services sector.

We need to invest in manufacturing industry – especially small and medium sized local firms which are starved of cheap loans.

We have the opportunity to be a world leader in marine power. Already established projects like the Shetland Marine Centre have the potential to make tide and wave power a major British industry if they get proper funding to fully develop the technologies.

The desperate shortage of affordable and social housing gives the chance for permits to go to enterprises building well insulated, energy efficient homes.

We have the requirements and skills and capital assets needed for a successful, sustainable transport industry including trains, buses and cars.

We cannot only rely on overseas investors for the development of these new industries Britain needs.

We need to replace the Common Agricultural Policy with support for smaller farmers, organic agriculture, local food markets and measures to introduce biodiversity in the countryside. We need to replace the Common Fisheries Policy to prioritise protection of the oceans and provide sustainable support for fishing communities.

Intensive livestock farming is a major contributor to global climate change. We need to encourage the reduction of meat and dairy consumption and we need to reduce the dominance of supermarket chains.


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