Watch – Why do I Want to be Your County Councillor? [VIDEO]

I currently sit on 4 different councils – Cherwell District Council, Yarnton Parish Council, Gosford and Water Eaton Parish Council and Kidlington Parish Council.

So why do I also want to be a County Councillor? Well there are many things I can’t get done without influence at a county level. I’ve tried several times to get the county to co-operate on issues that needs to be dealt with in my district ward, such as road repairs, tree planting and flood defences. Sometimes it can take me a whole year just to get a meeting with county officers.

As a County Councillor it will be far more difficult for the county council to ignore me. I’ll be able to get things done that have not been properly dealt with by the existing councillor in Kidlington South.

If you don’t know who that is and you live in the Kidlington South Division (check your polling card) then that’s a pretty good indication of how bad a job your current councillor is doing.

This short video gives you some more idea of why I would like to be your representative on the County Council, especially for people who live in Yarnton and Begbroke. As a Yarnton resident myself it will be nice to be able to help people in my local community.

Watch the video here


Greens Win Motion for Better Flood Response in Cherwell

At the full Cherwell District Council meeting in February I brought a motion calling for a more joined up approach to flooding response in our area and across Oxfordshire which was passed unanimously by members of the council.

The motion called for areas that are at risk of flooding to establish a ‘flood resilient community’, including the formation of local flood response groups and forums for residents to feedback information on current and potential flooding risks,

To support these groups I suggested the setting up of local flood response stores to provide locally available flood alleviation equipment. I had hoped that there would be funding for this, but there was some push back on this from the County Council due to shortage of money. I still don’t think that’s good enough and will be pursuing this more fully in the future.

The motion also said that updated surveys and maintenance programs, with maps of drainage and flood defences and associated repair responsibilities should be published regularly to help local groups and response agencies to maintain and monitor them.

Finally I called on risk management agencies across the county to set up a cooperative task force, including the provision of a centralised contact point which can trigger an immediate, proportionate response to all emergency flooding events. It is envisaged that all local councils and other agencies would play a part in this.

Flooding in Yarnton

I was very glad we managed to debate this motion, even though it only just made it before the new 11pm guillotine imposed by the Conservatives in the recent constitutional review.  If it hadn’t been discussed at this meeting, it would have been another 5 months before it would have been heard and obviously we could be facing many more flood incidents before then.

As a councillor, I’ve been trying to help local residents deal with flooding in both my Parish and District council wards.  It’s become apparent that there is no central co-ordination and no single contact point that can be called on to manage flooding at all levels.  Smaller floods are often given a low priority by the relevant agencies and even the new guidance issued by the County and District councils doesn’t provide a timely response to these incidents.

Cherwell District Council recently resumed responsibility for flood defence in the region and as we also work closely with the county council we are in a unique position to take some leadership on this issue and improve responses to these distressing and costly incidents.  This is even more important in areas like Yarnton and Begbroke which have been flooded recently and where the council has recently identified areas for development as part of the local plan review. 

Covering areas in tarmac and concrete is only going to increase the likelihood of flooding and we need to ensure that suitable and long lasting flood alleviation measures are included along with responsibility for maintenance.


Please Support my Campaign for Election to the County Council

I’m currently running a fundraiser for my campaign to be elected to the county council in May and I’d really appreciate it if you could share the link below around to as many people as possible.

Elect Ian Middleton to Oxfordshire County Council – a Politics crowdfunding project in Kidlington by Ian Middleton (

Even if you can’t afford to donate yourself, just sharing this pages may inspire others to donate and, as the saying goes, every little helps!

I’m standing as a county councillor because so many things that I’ve tried to do as a District Councillor have ended up being under the purview of the County Council. Problems with roads, cycle paths, flooding and other county wide issues are raised with me frequently and I do my best to deal with them. But the stumbling block is often that the county council tends to be less receptive to me as a District Councillor leaving me with very little in the way of influence.

If I sat on the county council I think so many of the things I work and campaign for, not least tackling important issues like climate change, would be far easier to get done.

To that end I hope you’ll feel able to support me in some way, either by donating to and sharing my fundraiser or hopefully helping out in other practical ways like delivering leaflets or letters, filling envelopes, or maybe helping with door knocking or telephone canvassing. If you’d like to help just email me at

There’s always lots to do and in the compressed timescale that the pandemic has forced us into, even less time to do it now. There’s less than 2 months to go, but it’s 2 months in which we can all make a difference to our own lives and those of others!