We Need to Save Our NHS While There’s Still and NHS to Save!


Our NHS is on its knees.  Every year we see a crisis in emergency care, and as recent statistics have shown, waiting lists are getting longer by the day.

I want to see our NHS and social care services fully resourced and funded, with all staff paid fairly for the incredible job they do.

I want to see the full reinstatement of consultant led maternity care at the Horton Hospital, together with a halt to plans to further downgrade services there.

I will resist all and every attempt to privatise the NHS and would oppose private health and pharmaceutical companies gaining further access to our lucrative health sectors.

The Green Party and Caroline Lucas were at the forefront of the campaign to return the NHS to full public ownership with the introduction of the NHS reinstatement bill.

I want to see full and free provision of social care for our older citizens and free, well run, dignified care homes available to all if and when they need them.

In Oxfordshire we’re seeing more and more centralisation of services.  The newest threat to our locally accountable health provision is the BOBs reorganisation, which will mean the amalgamation of the CCGs from Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.  This represents yet another attack on our local NHS.

The Green Party will fight tooth and nail for our NHS.  I personally regard it one of the greatest achievements of our nation and will defend it at all costs as your MP.


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