The Greens and the Libdems Bring ‘Grown Up Politics’ to Kidlington for a second year

Ian and Layla

Ian Middleton with Libdem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon Layla Moran

The Green Party and the Liberal Democrats are once again working together to bring ‘Grown Up Politics’ to the forthcoming district council elections on 2nd May.

Ian Middleton is standing again in Kidlington East, where he came a close second the Conservatives last year. He is also standing for a seat on Kidlington Parish Council in Exeter Ward.

In Kidlington West the Liberal Democrats will be standing candidates in two seats, including the one vacated by Alaric Rose who moved away from the area recently.

Neither party will be standing candidates against each other in the district council elections and will be endorsing each other’s respective campaigns.  All three candidates have pledged to work to forward the aims of both parties if some or all of them are elected.

They are campaigning for :

  • A stronger and more effective opposition to the Conservatives’ unhealthily large majority on Cherwell District Council;
  • Continued opposition to Cherwell DC’s plan to build 4,400 houses on the Green Belt in Kidlington, Yarnton and Begbroke to meet Oxford City’s housing needs. They want to ensure that any houses that are built should be genuinely affordable and aimed at local need;
  • Strong opposition to the Conservative’s plans for an Oxford to Cambridge Expressway especially with regard to it’s environmental and air quality impacts;
  • An end to Conservative cuts to local services and their failure to maintain local roads, cycle paths and pavements, schools and health facilities.

Green candidate for Kidlington East, Ian Middleton, said: “At a local level our two parties still agree on most key issues and we hope to build on the successes of last year’s campaign for both of us. Far more continues to unite us than divides us at this crucial time for our community.”

Liberal Democrat candidate for Kidlington West, Katherine Tyson, said: “We want to work with the local community to make our area a better place to live. We will stand up for local needs and campaign for the infrastructure needed to support development.”

About Ian Middleton

Ian writes a regular column for Retail Week Magazine and has written for The Independent, Huffington Post, Evolve Politics and The London Economic as well as contributing comment pieces for national newspapers and magazines. He was the Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Banbury in North Oxfordshire in the 2015, 2017 and 2019 General Elections and is a district and parish councillor in Cherwell in Oxfordshire. Ian has appeared on TV and local and national radio talking about politics and retail. He is an ethical entrepreneur with areas of expertise in retail and social entrepreneurship, but he also writes and comments on music, food, the environment, ethical consumerism, technology, renewable energy and animal and human rights. He is also a trained psychologist, musician, runner, hiker, allotmenteer, vegan, humanist, a committed atheist, beer drinker and compulsive crosser of lines.

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