VOTING DAY! Will You Be An Unsung Hero Today?

11183361_1446676078959705_979954336823572133_nToday’s the day when all the discussions, arguments, debates and campaigning ends and the decisions start.If we want to see change in this country, we have to vote for it.

Tactical voting and voting for the least worst party means you end up with something you don’t really believe in anyway, so what’s the point?

Banbury is a very safe Conservative seat, so voting tactically there will make very little difference.  So vote with your heart.  If your heart is with the Greens use your vote to send a message to the entrenched political elite that we won’t take this any more and we want real change, not just the ping-pong politics we’ve had for the last 50 years.

Here’s an article I wrote a few days ago for Huffington Post about the unsung heroes of politics.  The people who vote now to start a change that may not happen for years to come, but they are still part of that process.  They are my real political heroes!  I hope you’ll be one of them today.

I hope everyone will encourage as many people as possible to make the right decision when they go into the polling booth. I hope we all agree on what that decision should be.

I’ll be out touring as many polling stations as possible today so if you see me please say hello.  It would be lovely to meet you.

This is the day when everything could change FOR GOOD .  But YOU have to make it happen.  Be part of that change.



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