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Should Cherwell District Council be Risking Public Money Buying Shopping Centres?

As I said in the recent election debate on the BBC, in my opinion they shouldn’t. There are many reasons it’s a bad idea, both from a business perspective and as part of local spending priorities. I’ve worked in retail nearly all my life.  I built and ran a national chain of jewellery stores across […]

Oxford Finally Flips The Switch On The On/Off Shopping Centre

After what seems like centuries of wrangling, planning applications, withdrawn projects, hand shaking and head banging, Oxford is finally set to join other cities with a giant shiny shopping centre nobody really needs any more. Having experienced the damage that these behemoths can do to small local retailers, myself included, this is a moment I […]

A Great Event in Banbury to Support Indies This Weekend

Retail is in my blood! And I know it’s not all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and Think about it Tuesday! I’m a small independent retailer myself, and I know how vital this time of the year is for small businesses, many of them struggling against the huge chain stores and out of town […]