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Why You Should Be Worried About TTIP

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a EU/USA treaty being negotiated in secret on our behalf. I believe it is one of the most serious threats we have ever faced.  Yet it’s a threat that many people haven’t even heard of. This proposed agreement has implications on a national and global level, particularly […]

What Has Charlie Really Done for Free Speech?

My piece in today’s Huffington Post on the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris

My Comments on The Virgin Galactic Disaster on The World Service

Here’s a a link to a programme I was involved in for the World Service a few weeks ago, discussing the aftermath of the crash of the Virgin Galactic space craft in the Mojave Desert.  This crash came in the wake of a similar event with an ESA rocket that crashed shortly after lift off […]