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A Spectacular Result for the Green/Libdem Partnership

Another election fought and another campaign behind us n Cherwell It was very solid result for the Greens in Kidlington East with a convincing second place well above Labour and a tripling of our 2016 vote. Moreover a spectacular win for my electoral partner, Libdem candidate Alaric Rose in Kidlington West who nearly doubled the […]

Save Banbury’s Phone Box Library!

Who’d have thought that a small but effective local community initiative in an Oxfordshire town would attract such global attention?  The Banbury Phone Box Library is one such brilliant piece of local engagement which is now garnering international attention as BT looks towards chopping it off at the knees. The red phone box is almost […]

The Oxfordshire Winter Green Fair

Had a great time yesterday at the Oxford Greens Winter Fair. Met up with Deputy Green Party Leader Shahrar Ali as well as telling Green Santa what I wanted for Christmas. It was also good to chat with al the other Oxfordshire Parliamentary candidates. Lot’s of optimism about next year’s election.